Before you have a polygraph done in Ventura County,
know these seven 'Ventura polygraph secrets' listed below!

Ventura polygraph

At $145, we don't gouge you-- and that makes some other examiners VERY mad!

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You will find that some Ventura polygraph examiners
do NOT want you to know the 7 secrets below.

Know these before you get a Thousand Oaks polygraph,
a Moorpark polygraph, or an Oxnard polygraph!

Some Ventura polygraph examiners will even be
mad about you knowing these and will lie to you.

1. "How do I know how much is a fair price for a polygraph?"

ventura polygraph $150  or  ventura polygraph $300  or  ventura polygraph $600  ?

Polygraph examiners all do the same thing.

1) They all help you to develop 3 or 4
questions that are important to you.
2) They all do three complete charts on the examinee.
3) They all watch for microscopic changes to four points of the body.
4. They all compare those changes from question to question.
5. They (almost) all use computerized polygraph equipment,
which makes the polygraph very easy to to and quick to score.

Secretly, some examiners banded together to agree to all never charge
less than $300 for an exam, and to secretly attack any examiners who
charge less than the agreed amount. That is 'price-fixing', which is illegal.

Of course, examiners can charge anything they want to.
Some Ventura polygraph examiners feel that $200 for an hour's work is good money.
Some Ventura polygraph examiners want $400 for the exact same work. Some even more. charges under $150 for what most examiners charge far more!
You can do the math:
The most polygraph experience + the best polygraph price = the best polygraph choice.

Ventura polygraph lowest price for test     How to get lowest price on Ventura polygraph

At $145, we don't gouge you-- and that makes some other examiners VERY mad!

2. "How long will testing my spouse really take?"

one-hour polygraph for ventura at  or  2-hour polygraph for ventura at  ?

Some Ventura polygraph examiners will tell you:
"A polygraph exam will take up to two hours."

The real truth:
No matter which examiner you go to,
the person being polygraphed
will be ON THE POLYGRAPH for

The rest of the time: is just talk.

Most examiners do not want you to know this.

They feel you will be shocked by their price if you knew that
the actual polygraphing (when your arm is being squeezed
by a blood-pressure cuff)
time is actually so short.

Using the old-style polygraph instruments took longer, having to
continually adjust paper, fix ink problems, and constant writing
notes on the paper. Not needed on modern computer polygraphs.

And most of the rest of the time, the 'talk time',
is to help you write what 3 or 4 questions you want asked.
A good examiner will instead have you think about, and write down, your questions
before you come in, and will help make them 'polygraph-perfect' when you arrive. will take no more than an hour for your relationship polygraph
exam if you write your four questions down before you come in.

3. "How do I know if the examiner has any real experience?"

ventura polygraph experience or  ventura polygraph experience ?

Ask, and some Ventura polygraph examiners will tell you:
"I have 10 years of polygraph experience."

The real truth:
Most are lying to you.

Many that say they have 5, 10, or more years of experience really
only did one or two exams a week (or month!) during that time.

To a real examiner, that is only ONE year of experience,
s-p-r-e-a-d out over those 5 or 10 years!

The school attended: doesn't matter.
Associations and clubs a member of: doesn't matter.
Only EXPERIENCE matters. We have done more than 6,000 exams over the past 25 years.

Ventura polygraph test 25 years experience

4. "Where will the test be done?"

Polygraph ventura office  or  Lie-detector test ventura  or  Lie-detection test for ventura  ?

At an office, out of a car trunk, or in their house: where does your examiner really work?

Some Ventura polygraph examiners will tell you:
"I have an office, but let's test you at your home."

The real truth:
More than half you will talk to do not really have an office.

Some will slip a buddy a few dollars to use their buddy's office when needed.

Some use a day-room at a motel as their occasional office.

Some examiners, very unprofessionally, have you come into their home.
All polygraph training says Do Not Do it at a home.
Testing at an examiner's home is sleazy and unprofessional.

BOTTOM line: no office = a part-timer to stay away from. has real offices, available 7 days and 7 nights.

We are Polygraph test Monday through Sunday 7 days

5. "What are other lies that some
Ventura polygraph examiners tell?"

A busy Ventura polygraph examiner or  A lazy Ventura polygraph examiner ?

Some Ventura polygraph examiners will tell you:
"I'm really so busy with polygraphs that I can't test you til next week."

The real truth:
Try not to laugh out loud when you hear that garbage.

In this weak economy, most Ventura polygraph examiners
are almost without work.

Here's the real secret:
If they can't get to you for a few days,
it's really because they HAVE A JOB, not polygraphs.
They are not swamped with polygraph work,
and polygraph is just a part-time business for them,
trying to make some extra cash, like a hobby.

Most examiners are just part-timers, only doing occasional
polygraphs around their main businesses. If they claim to be a
private investigator or some other career, there's your clue that
they likely don't have a lot of polygraph experience each month
(but they will tell you that they do!).

Many are retired and have good pensions paying their monthly bills,
so they will only do polygraphs if they find someone to pay a giant price. has appointments available 7 days and 7 nights.
Polygraph testing is all we do, so we are always available and affordable.

6. "Why does that examiner gossip and bad-mouth competitors?"

ventura polygraph gossip

Some Ventura polygraph examiners will tell you:

"Stay away from this or that examiner-- he is bad, I am good."

The real truth:
A polygraph client should immediately hang up
when an examiner bad-mouths their competitors.

Polygraph is a business, and
badmouthing is not good business.
Some Ventura polygraph examiners ARE KNOWN for making
fake Internet negative comments about their competitors--
and ARE KNOWN for writing fake Internet positive comments about themselves!
And you'll see that they only badmouth those
that are known to have a lower price!

The good examiners focus on their own good points instead of gossipping.

Many examiners 'think' they are the best.
Maybe they are. But, it is the computer that
really does the hard work nowadays!

Many examiners are 'screaming mad'
that we share all these secrets with you.
They shouldn't-- it helps the polygraph client.

Every week, at least 2 clients hire us BECAUSE a competitor badmouthed us!
$20 off if that describes you! does the most exams: we have many websites,
decades of experience, and the best price.
And we will never bad-mouth a competitor.

7. "How many pages is the report that is included free?"

Some Ventura polygraph examiners will tell you:
"Sure, a written report is included in that price".

The real truth:
When you are taking the test to prove something to another
person, then the report is the most important part.

Some examiners charge an extra $100 for a written report.

Some tell you that a report is included,
but then you get a one-paragraph summary report
that also says 'If you want a longer report, send $100'!

Some, sadly, write a one-or-two-page 'report' that looks like a 10-year-old wrote it.
If the report doesn't impress you, it's not going to impress your person.

If a report will be needed, ask to see a sample report before you test.

If your person didn't get to watch your test and results, can include a professional 4-page report at no extra charge.

We are thanked every day for sharing these secrets.

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